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I help professional women reclaim, rescue, and redefine their lives to amplify clarity, confidence, & courage


Tiffiny J. Fambro is a women’s transformational coach, and speaker.


She supports women in understanding what's holding them back from being the best version of themselves. She helps them get crystal clear on their life goals, build confidence to believe in their skills, abilities and worthiness.  She helps them transform their mindset, and get past limiting beliefs.  As a result, her clients can hyperdrive into accomplishing goals in various areas of their life including their careers, personal relationships, and business.


About Tiffiny

Tiffiny J. Fambro, MPH, is a distinguished women’s empowerment coach, speaker, and content creator with a focus on helping women get unstuck and build fulfilling lives.

Tiffiny has over 20 years experience in psychology, public health, consulting and technology sales. Her professional work and personal experience have given her a unique understanding of the issues facing smart, high-achieving women who feel burnout, stuck and unfulfilled; wondering what the next steps are for their lives.


Combined with her experience and desire to see women thrive she took to the stage with the goal of reaching as many people as possible in the realm of women’s empowerment. Today her talks help women break through barriers, cultivate thriving, vibrant lives, and help allies understand how to support women in the workplace. Through her coaching and programs, she empowers women to reclaim their confidence, clarify their goals, speak up for themselves, and devise actionable plans for accelerated progress.

Tiffiny is a highly sought-after speaker, coach, and content creator. As the visionary behind Clarity Confidence Courage, and Women’s Empowerment, Tiffiny draws from her own remarkable journey of personal triumph. After overcoming battles with physical health, and depression, and navigating through the challenges of a corporate layoff and a difficult divorce, Tiffiny utilized innovative confidence strategies to reinvent her life and emerge as an award-winning bodybuilding figure-level athlete, high-performing technology sales professional, and entrepreneur.

Tiffiny has been featured on influential platforms like CBS 8 Good Day Las Vegas news segment, and The Entrepreneurial Success podcast with Henriette Danel, sharing her insights on resilience and empowerment. Additionally, Tiffiny has delivered powerful presentations at esteemed corporate entities such as VMware technology and MARTA transit system in Atlanta and created her own workshops, inspiring audiences to embrace their potential and pursue their aspirations.

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Tiffiny's Talks

Clarity, Confidence, Courage: How Smart Women Setup Their Lives for Joy & Success

Many times we as women are told to follow the rules, be nice, smile, and give to others. But what happens when the rules are the very things holding us back from living to our full potential? This keynote will provide tangible tools to navigate uncertainty, embrace discomfort, and proactively craft new rules that align with your evolving values, passions, and aspirations.


These practical steps will shift your perspective on life, identify limiting beliefs, and invoke intentional actions toward a life rich with renewed passion and purpose.

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Permission To Win: Change Your Mind to Reach Your Greatest Potential

When people think about the concept of winning, many times they think about a competition where they must overcome an opponent. But what about winning in life? How do you beat the opponent that lives within yourself?


The version that you are trying to overcome? This motivational keynote discusses how to overcome fear, procrastination, and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. Learn transformative strategies to embrace a winning mindset to unlock the untapped potential within yourself.

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Dynamic Leadership: How To Inspire Change & Drive Results

What makes high-performing successful leaders so powerful and influential? In this keynote discover the essence of dynamic personal and professional leadership.


It will delve into the principles that define dynamic leadership, exploring adaptability, emotional intelligence, and a growth mindset.


Learn how to be a high performing individual, build high-performing teams, foster innovation, and navigate change with resilience and agility. Join us to unlock the transformative power of dynamic leadership and inspire positive change in yourself and your organization.

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Erica Parks

Camouflage Me Not Veteran’s Advocacy Group

"We searched to find a quality facilitator and we found her. We look forward to partnering with her again in the near future.”

John Fisher


Abigail Pernell

MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority)

"Tiffiny’s presentation was encouraging and to the point! I enjoyed it very much and will use some of the strategies shared today." 

Employee at

MARTA event in Atlanta

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